BASA can assist firms in decreasing their dependence on paper documents by setting up systems and procedures to electronically transfer information, e.g. their business transactions between customers and suppliers.

Internet access is crucial today because it gives firms the means to more effectively communicate and share information with business partners, do research and information gathering, etc. BASA can assist in sourcing an Internet Service Provider, set up the necessary hardware and software, establish and implement a solid security scheme to protect the firm's internal computer systems, and train staff on the most effective and efficient use of this new technology.

BASA can also assist firms to apply the same technology utilized for external Internet access internally, by efficiently helping in the development and implementation of an internal information system or intranet. This can be comprised of applications as simple as a policies and procedures manual or a bulletin board system, to the most sophisticated business intelligence and executive information tools.

BASA can take away the worry and frustration of implementing technology by performing the project management activity on behalf of the customer. This assistance comprises implementation of computer systems and programs, dealing with suppliers, coordinating the delivery, installation, and configuration, and training end-users on system operation.
Whether a firm requires development and implementation of a unique system solution, or the implementation of an off-the-shelf package, BASA can provide all the management, technical skills and services required to get the desired solution up and running in a timely, effective and efficient fashion.

Without a doubt, the hottest area of technology today is the Internet and, in particular, the World Wide Web. The Web provides businesses with a unique window to the world. It can be used as a simple electronic brochure to inform potential customers of the firm's products and services and offer them 24-hours-a-day-7-days-a-week support, or as a sophisticated automated sales channel. The design of a successful Web site requires not only technical computer skills and the ability to understand the nature of the firm's business, but also talents in marketing, accounting and graphic arts, to name but a few. These attributes are an important part of BASA's repertoire.